Our Vision

Who is The Well Church for?

In the Bible there is a story in John 4 of Jesus meeting a Samaritan woman at a well. She is judged and rejected by her community for her past and her mistakes. Jesus meets her and instead of condemning her, He shows her grace, love, and offers her eternal life – a place in His family. Her past, her mistakes, her imperfections didn’t scare Him away or disqualify her. 

When I was growing up we went to this church and it was like everyone was perfect… or at least they pretended to be. And I felt it… the pressure to be perfect, or at least pretend to be. What if church was a place that you could be imperfect and not be condemned because of it? What if it was a place for your parents or grandparents and also your local tattoo artist? What if church was a place where saints and skeptics could meet and become friends? What if it was a place where you could ask the big questions? 

When we prayed about what God wanted The Well Church to be, we imagined a diverse group of people ranging from the devout to the doubting. People who have been going to church for decades and those who just came for the first time. The Well is for people who have questions about faith, or know that they aren’t finding the answers to their questions anywhere else. The Well is for hungry followers of Jesus who are tired of just going to church and are ready to be the church. The Well is for people who have felt rejected, judged, or have been hurt by religious people. At The Well you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to pretend. Let’s walk together as we learn to follow Jesus. This church is for you. Our vision is to become a church of diverse disciples of Jesus who make more disciples and launch healthy churches. 


What will The Well do?
As a church that is committed to following Jesus we want to carry out the Mission He left to His followers. To make Disciples.

What is a disciple?
A Disciple of Jesus is someone who learns the words of Jesus so they can practice the way of Jesus and attempt the works of Jesus.