How do I get involved?

Join Us

This is a start-up team of of 20 already! But we have a desire to grow our start-up team or launch team to 40+ with the dream of getting to the 75-80 people to help us start this church in the Fall. Until then, we are getting involved in community events and having some relational events for anyone who is interested in coming!

Why should I join the Launch Team?

When I (Greg) look back on my life the people who had the most positive impact on my life didn’t really gain a lot from me, I couldn’t pay them for their wisdom and my thankfulness for them wasn’t always vocalized. They may not have gained a lot from me but they gave a lot to me. They served me and my life by humbly investing in me. Maybe you can recognize that in your lives. Being a part of this launch team is an opportunity to do just that, to serve one another, the next generation (our kids), and our community.  Some see serving as a weakness but Jesus demonstrated the humble service of others as a strength when He knelt down to wash His students feet. (John 13:3-5)

That’s why we get in the game serving the mission of impacting people’s lives through the local church. You never know who’s life you might change or even save when you let God use you.

Serving in a new church plant is not only a fun way to meet people, and to be part of something new and exciting–but it’s much bigger than that. We are serving Jesus Himself!

Not only can you be part of an exciting new community, but you may see God do a work in you and in others for His glory through your gifts.

If you would like to get involved and be a part of this team let’s get to know each other! Email me and let’s talk –